8e Fête de l’estampe

Inscriptions ouvertes / Opening of registrations:
Over the years, the success of this festival has made it an unmissable event in the cultural calendar. La Fête de l’estampe provides a festive opportunity for many to discover this rich art that includes lithography, engraving, serigraphy, artists’ books and even digital prints. Exhibitions, outdoor studios, training sessions, open studios, conferences, performances, auctions, giant prints,… were organised in France and in many other countries in Europe on 26th May, 2020, for one day, or longer in some areas. Any event related to printmaking open at least one day between 15 and 31 May can participate.


Artists from various disciplines express their
personal journeys through art
21st May – 1st June 2020
Mon-Sat 9-5pm and Sun 10-4pm,
The Horsebridge Arts Centre
11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1AF

Sketchbook Project #B002447

My tiny sketchbook ‘Voyage’ takes the viewer on a journey in collage, an autobiographical odyssey, exploring ideas and places: through landscapes either real or constructed by memories.

About the project:

Every participant is sent the same 2.33×1.66″ blank custom sketchbook. Each book will be given a unique six-digit barcode so we can easily catalog it into Brooklyn Art Library’s system.

Once we catalog it, you’ll be able to track where your book travels and how often it is viewed—we want to make sure you can stay connected with your sketchbook!


Our Take on Winter – a photographic collaboration

(click image to enlarge)

Standing on a tiny silent snowy island gazing out across frozen Baltic Sea ice awaiting the arrival of a small ferry for my return to Helsinki seemed to illustrate something about the sensation of winter. The sea links the two images, from the deep blacks of its depths, to the whites of its surfaces, and a winter chill spreads across the joined landscapes.

The two pictures also illustrate the isolation that winter can bring. Places empty of people as they hide from the chill allowing the snow and ice to take over. From the vibrant blues and golden yellows of summer to the darkness of shadows and glaring whites of winter, these images, photographed in different countries at different times, marry together to convey an overall sense of the winter world.

‘Our Take on Winter’ – Andy Wright and Mike Tedder
See more about the project here: https://eastcliffcreatives.com/