Kearsney Abbey and Russell Garden Photo Workshops

Do you want to get creative with your photography? If so, join us in Russell Gardens for a sunset tour on Friday 19th July! The workshop will be led by photographer Mike Tedder. It’s free but places are limited so please book in advance. More info is at:


Pebble painting workshops – Lasting Memories Project

East Cliff Creative’s Lasting Memories Project, to commemorate peace after WW1, is gaining a real momentum but there are still many pebbles to be painted before the end of June. If you or anyone you know would like to make their mark on a few there are a number of free walk-in painting workshops:

May 11th Folkestone Library 10am-2pm
May 16th Block67, 67 Tontine St 11am-7pm
May 17th Cheriton Library 10am-12pm
May 19th Block67, 67 Tontine St 10am-4pm

The project is growing rapidly with over 1,500 school children taking part in painting pebbles at schools and youth centres.
They only have to paint 20,000!!!! Each one will be a mini artwork that will become part of the seven giant Beach Poppies to be constructed on the 29th/30th June. Anyone can take part and you don’t have to be an artist.
To find out more here are a few links that will explain:

Lasting Memories: Beach Poppy Art

Lasting Memories: How to Get Involved

Lasting Memories is centred around the creation of seven giant poppies on the beaches of Folkestone at the end of June 2019. The poppies will be created from around 20,000 Folkestone pebbles. Each pebble will be its own mini artwork, painted using special eco-friendly paint by the community, young and old. Everyone is welcome!

The Poppies will represent the seven months between the Armistice of WW1 and eventual peace, with the signing of the treaty of Versailles on June 28th 1919. Each poppy will represent stories from seven themes that impacted on the local community during this time.
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The Big Draw 2009

Come and join us at the Charlton Art Centre, Dover on Saturday 17th October for our drawing extravaganza as part of this years Big Draw event.

We will be exploring the evolution of plants, from their early origins to contemporary leaf forms and shapes that may evolve in the distant future. Participation is free, and materials will be provided for your use. All we ask in return is that you contribute work towards the project.

All artwork will be displayed in the main gallery space through October, as the evolutionary tree develops.

Printmaking mini-workshop

Our first printmaking taster workshop took place Saturday at the Charlton Art Centre, Dover. Visitors were able to experience and explore hand relief-printing techniques, from potato printing, mono-prints and linocuts. There was time to cut some lino blocks, using a selection of tools and environmentally friendly water-based emulsion inks, before pulling a short print edition with a small hand-press designed by German company Abig.

Below are two linocut prints created by John Rufus during the workshop (please click to enlarge).

print print

Sponsored by Dover Town Council, the workshop was one in a series of community workshops being staged by the White Cliffs Creatives Guild in Dover through 2009.

Free printmaking mini-workshop

As part of this year Big Draw event, we are running a free printmaking mini-workshop at The Charlton Art Centre, in Dover, on Saturday 10th October from 10.30am until 12.30pm.
Come and sample a range relief-printing tecniques, including woodblocks, monotypes and even printing with the ‘humble’ potato.

Add your work to the Art Centre ‘tree’ as part of our evolutionary forest of leaves. Drawing upon the theme of leaf forms and Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, the exhibit will form the centre piece for our celebration of this years ‘Big Draw’ event throughout October 2009.

Akdeniz – woodcut print on paper

The Big Draw at The Charlton Centre

The Big Draw is an annual event aimed at getting everyone, young and old drawing and making art. White Cliffs Creatives Guild are delighted to have been offered space to hold a Big Draw event in Dover, upstairs in The Charlton Shopping Centre, on Saturday 1st November from 10:30am – 4:00pm. Come and help to make a huge painting themed on Fireworks and Fantasies- you can paint on the main image or make things to add to it. There will be a chance to try figure drawing or still life, make some jewellery or paper crafts or just enjoy a display of art from the Guilds’ members with paintings and crafts for sale. Special surprises are planned. Materials will be available but you can also bring your own too in case the event is very busy with keen artists! To find out more about the big draw visit Information about White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild is at
Directions to the centre can be found at

There will be an exhibition of work by local artists and makers in the Charlton Centre Gallery (upstairs) from 1st – 31st November with paintings, photography, jewellery and 3d work in a range of styles for sale.

Anita Luckett, Chair White Cliffs Creatives’ Guild